Who We Are

We believe that quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and development of the ‘whole’ child. We believe that all children are different and unique; our environment accepts and encourages children to express their full potential in all aspects of their development. Through children’s natural curiosity to explore their environment, we create a setting that first engages and then stimulates physical, social, emotional and cognitive development with a goal to maximizing their potential.

First children need to believe in themselves, have healthy self-esteem and confidence as the platform for all dimensions of the healthy whole child to be successful. The cornerstones – mathematical/music, nature/GEO awareness, whole child (self worth), early literacy & numeracy, community/global awareness and nutrition – are all being implemented with a child centered approach. We believe that our program offers each child a balance of challenging, stimulating experiences, and experiences that are warm and secure. It is essential to achieve the maximum benefit from an experience, a child must experience that they are loved, valued and cared for.

We believe that for the child to feel accepted and loved that our program must blend and enhance that child’s family experiences with their experience in the centre, thus family participation is encouraged to enhance the quality of the experience for the child. Therefore we embrace multiculturalisms and encourage acceptance that we are all different but the same.

Our staff are well-trained, nurturing and loving individuals who are working for a stronger future for each child. Our program focuses on each child as an individual, encouraging autonomy and independence in a group setting.

Our staff are advocates for children and their families.

We’re About The Little Ones…


Focus on healthy daycare made whole grain foods. We believe what a person eats has a huge affect on their potential.


Focus on building children’s self-esteem and self-worth. Children need the above to thrive in other areas of development, to reach their full potential.


Focus is to have fun, it’s good for the soul. It helps to lift self-esteem in a fun environment.


Focus on the importance of the earth to us as humans and how important it is to care for and enjoy nature.


Focus on early literacy / numeracy to aid in earlier and easier learning in school.


Focus on the use of science, discovery & measurement. For children to discover in nature with exploring, experiments and curiosity. To aid in earlier and easier learning in school.


Focus on the importance of us as a community and a race working together for the greater good.


Focus on balance, strength, and coordination in order for the children to reach their full physical potential.

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