Welcome to our classroom

This room is specifically designed for our full of energy 18 months to 2 year olds!!!!

The children are moving from solitary and parallel play, to the early stages of co-operative and group play. We encourage plenty of sensory play.

The Busy Bees have many fun-filled activities and enjoy to play with many exciting toys. Some of our favorite activities include water play, sand play, puzzles and building towers! Often we turn the water different colours and add objects or even sparkles!

Each day during circle time, we read a story and talk about the pictures of the story. Also, we practice learning our colours by looking at the colour card then taking turns repeating the name of the colour. Circle time ends once we have sung some songs together and have received a special sticker for our participation!

Every day, when we are able, we play outside on slides, in toy cars and on the teeter totter.

We also love to dance and sing songs.

A day in the life of a bee is always exciting: a full of smiles!

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