Infant Program

Two Weeks- 18 Months

The infant program is catered to the individual needs of each child. Our nurturing and qualified staff work closely with the families and implement activities that help the infants reach their first milestones.

Teacher/Child Ratio –1:3

Toddler Program

18 months- 2.5 years

The toddler program focuses on helping the children gain independence and learn the basics of participating in a more structured and routine program. Toddlers are introduced to a variety of social settings both inside and outside on the playground. Toddlers nap for a 2 hour period each day.

Teacher/Child Ratio –1:5

Junior Preschool Program

2.5 Years- 3.8 Years

The junior preschool program introduces new activities that promote children’s understanding of new concepts. This program follows the interests of the children and is designed to help the children reach new stages in all areas of their development.

Teacher/Child Ratio –1:8

Senior Preschool Program

3.8 Years- 5 Years

Influenced by the FDK curriculum, the senior preschool program prepares the children for a smooth and successful transition into the Ontario school system.

Teacher/Child Ratio –1:8